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There was a feasibility study done in 2016 which concluded that the Queens Bay North site was not only technically feasible, it was the recommended option, as it would result in a safer, more efficient and sustainable ferry terminal for the Kootenay Lake ferry service.

  1. Easier navigation - increased safety.

  2. Reduction in transit time - 50% less.

  3. More daily sailings (From 10 to 16 per day)

  4. New modern ferry terminal with increased vehicle capacity to support growth.

  5. Reduced environmental impact - no dredging of the West Arm.

  6. Easier transportation access for locals and tourists - boosting the local economy.


The site being outside the west arm would address the Balfour marine navigation challenges and cut the transit time from 35 minutes to 17. This will allow for an hourly sailing and improve marine and highway safety. There will be no queuing on the highway, no congestion in the compound, reduced safety issues at the intersection and additional holding capacity during peak periods.


November 27 2018: 
Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver presents petition to the Legislature. 

November 2018:
Petition has been hand delivered to Michelle Mungalls office.  Total of over 2500 signatures were submitted for presentation in the Legislature.  No date as yet but should be later this month or early December.

Our Appeal

We believe that our voices were not heard in the public consultation process and we request the Government of British Columbia re-asses their stance on the Kootenay Lake Ferry situation.  Yes, moving the ferry landing will change some things, but it is in the best interest of our entire socio-economic region to do so.  Moreover, it is the only real long-term solution to the problem of increased traffic and a growing population.

Brought to you by:

The East Shore Community Advocacy Society

Queens Bay Ferry Group

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